the other day we went to lunch. the little eatery had an array of cupcakes for sale so we settled on splitting a cookies and cream cupcake for dessert. since that moment, we have talked about making a cookies and cream cupcake that meets our taste-standards (no offense, we just might be cupcake snobs).
the cupcakes we present to you today… pass that test!

a vanilla cake with oreo crumbles (and of course white chocolate liquor) topped with an ice cream frosting that is perfectly sweet. we baked them in minis because we like the sweetness control but mainly because you just don’t feel as guilty eating two or three tiny cupcakes so it’s more satisfying🙂

check out this recipe and many of our others on our ETSY site!

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About cupcakefriday

for some people the idea of spending time in the kitchen is equal to torture… but for us baking is fun and relaxing. and, with an end result that just tastes so dang good we decided to dedicate our fridays to exploring the craft of cupcakes. experimenting with new flavors and beautiful designs, welcome to cupcake fridays!

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